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The Clique

Established in 1890, The Clique is the world's oldest specialist publisher and supplier of information on the old, rare and collected booktrade.

We offer a wide range of services for bookdealers, listed below. Click on the coloured headline of any section for further information.

ABE - The internet website where you find or sell books

ABE is the leading international and British books-for-sale on-line database to buy or sell old, rare or collected books. Searching is completely free; putting all your own books for sale on ABE costs between £7 and £22 per month.

Booklist - your own desktop database

The £35 Booklist program is the British booktrade's standard desktop/laptop database software for producing printed lists and catalogues of books for sale from the bookseller's own stock. Booklist is renowned as being extremely easy to use and has automatic built-in compatibility with all major booktrade services including ABE.

BIB - where you go to find specialist bookdealers

BIB is the most comprehensive on-line register of British antiquarian and secondhand internet bookdealers and their specialist fields, with over 780 bookdealers listed.

Free publicity for bookdealers

If you're a British or Irish antiquarian or secondhand bookdealer, make sure that your own name and details are in the BIB on-line register. Your entry is completely free although you can also set-up links from BIB through to your web page for a small annual fee.

Setting up your own web page

If you're a British or Irish bookdealer, set up your own web page through BIB at a cost of £25 per year, including a free link through from the BIB register.

How to tell your customers about your website

Webcards are a stylish way of publicising and promoting your own on-line business with printed cards illustrating your website's home page in full colour.

Email contacts

Join UKBooks, Booktalk, ModFirsts or ChildBks for booktrade sales, wants, information and booktrade assistance by email.

Additional computer and internet cataloguing consultancy

Using the various services detailed further up the page, you can't really go wrong if establishing and developing an internet bookselling business. However, The Clique also offers a personal consultancy service for booktrade members requiring further assistance in setting up special book-cataloguing or database systems.


Book pricing records in print

The Annual Register of Book Values (generally known as ARBV) is Britain's best known series of book-pricing records. ARBV costs from £15 per subject volume after trade discount.

Book pricing records on CD-ROM

The text for all the ARBV volumes for 1992-1996 (28 volumes of data) is available on CD-ROM for £95. This Specialist Book Prices (SBP) CD-ROM is a one-off record; annual updates are not available although a more extensive CD-ROM containing further information is likely to be issued in due course.


Fine catalogue printing

In conjunction with an associated company of specialist colour printers, we offer a complete typesetting and colour-printing service for finely printed book catalogues, privately-printed books and similar items.


Further help


Don't hesitate to phone us or email if you can't find the service you require, or if you need further assistance or advice. We're particularly happy to help beginners to the internet who want to understand the various options open to them in establishing their on-line book business.

The following guides have been written for bookdealers new either to the internet or to using databases and contain much useful information:

  • "British Bookdealers and the Internet". Free; send 2 x 20p stamps postage for a copy.
  • "British Bookdealers and Databases". Free; send 1 x 20p stamp postage for a copy.


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